You're a superstar for sixty seconds. Relive the moment the rest of your life.

August Photography is your official NPC Oklahoma event photography team. This is serious photography.  Even ninjas with iPhones can't do what we do, capturing every pose, every person, every time with the same quality and precision. 

Don't settle for low quality memories. You've trained , starved, strained, squatted and pushed yourself all the way here. We're armed with professional camera gear, lighting and the know-how to capture you at your peak. You have worked too hard to miss this opportunity. 


Our professional team will be working throughout the entire show to provide complete coverage of the event. Our fearless leader covers the stage competition from beginning to end, capturing the images that highlight your hard work and determination.

We also have a studio backdrop set up backstage with professional lighting to craft gorgeous images. We encourage every competitor to take advantage of this convenient setup (it's FREE). Bring your workout buddy, trainer, family and friends for pro pics (anyone who can get past the bouncers in the back) and pose for unlimited portaits during the evening show.

We work around the clock to process every image (and there are thousands) to make them available online within days after the event. Each competitor will be given access to the online gallery to select their favorite images and purchase from a wide variety of products. 

For a limited time you can take advantage of an amazing offer.  A pre-show photography package that includes 10 high quality digital image downloads and print release for only $50. 

A single digital image file would cost you $30. But with this preshow special, you'll be able to take advantage of this limited time offer and save a serious chunk of change by grabbing your 10-image download special for only $50. Just a few dollars more than it costs to buy one digital file. That's a huge savings!  


When you order before the show, you'll get 5 free bonus images! That's right! 15 Images for less than the price 2 images would cost you after the show. 


This is a limited time offer. It will expire at exactly 11:59 pm on Friday before the event. At midnight it's gone. Vanished. You can't get it anymore and will have to pay full price for these files. So get yours now. Don't hesitate or wait because you will lose out. 

Preshow Special Upgrades

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